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Non-Owner vs. Owner Florida FR44 Policies

Florida Non-Owner vs Owner FR44 Insurance?

A Florida FR44 Non-Owner Policy, (also known as a named-operator liability policy) is insurance on you, the driver, for any vehicles you operate, of which you do not own. Florida FR44 Insurance policies work as secondary insurance coverage for anyone in need of a high liability insurance policy. This type of liability policy is written with higher than State minimum coverage limits. For instance, if you were involved in an accident, and you were at fault, the liability insurance would cover only the injury to 3rd parties involved or 3rd parties property damage that occurred as a result of the accident. In order to file a claim for the non-owner insurance you must have exhausted the primary insurance coverage. A Non-Owner Policy does not offer comprehensive and collision coverage for the vehicle you are driving.

A Florida FR44 Owner Policy covers a vehicle in addition to everything covered under a Non-Owner Policy.

Generally Non-Owners Insurance is less expensive than an Owner FR44 Policy. To compare pricing, let Select Insurance Group shop multiple companies in the Florida FR44 market to provide you with an “A” or better rated company with the lowest price. We can easily help you get your Drivers License and Driving Privileges back. Call 1-786-357-6160 or Complete our Free Quoting Engine Form.

JFS Insurance & Associates, Inc. Specializes in Non-Owner and Owner Florida FR44 Insurance Products.With thousands of policies sold, JFS Insurance & Associates, Inc. has the resources, experience, and customer support to find you the right product at the lowest price. As Insurance Brokers, we’re not tied to any specific company. Our objective is to find the right insurance product that matches your legal requirements and budget. JFS Insurance & Associates, Inc. routinely finds Florida FR44 Policies that are thousands of dollars less than competing quotes… simply by shopping the market at the time of purchase. Let JFS Insurance & Associates, Inc. find you the lowest price today! Call Now or enter your information into our Quoting Engine!

While we shop MANY companies to find the lowest rate available, be careful to not shop on price alone. You’re going to want an agent/agency that’s familiar with the system so your policy is properly submitted and acknowledged by the DMV. We sell countless Florida FR44’s every year, which makes us experts in this market. Improperly submitted paperwork is often an issue with lesser experienced agencies. This can cause you to owe additional fees, incur a longer suspension duration, and/or other unwanted repercussions. Experience is critical!