Owner and Non-Owner FR44 Insurance

JFS Insurance & Associates, Inc. specializes in Florida FR44 insurance products. With thousands of policies sold, JFS Insurance & Associates, Inc. has the resources, experience, and customer support to find you the right Florida FR44 at the lowest price. As Insurance Brokers, we’re not tied to any specific company. Our objective is to find the right product that matches your legal requirements and budget. JFS Insurance & Associates, Inc. routinely finds Florida FR44 policies that are thousands of dollars less than competing quotes… simply by shopping the market at the time of purchase. Let JFS Insurance & Associates, Inc. find you the lowest price on your today! Call Now or enter your information into our Quoting Engine!

JFS Insurance & Associates, Inc. quotes the following products: Florida FR44, Virginia FR44, Colorado SR22, Florida SR22, Illinois SR22, Indiana SR22, Indiana SR50, Ohio SR22, Oregon SR22, South Carolina SR22, Tenessee SR22, Texas SR22, Virginia SR22, Washington SR22, and Georgia SR22A.

While we shop MANY companies to find the lowest rate available, be careful to not shop on price alone. You’re going to want an agent/agency that’s familiar with the system so your policy is properly submitted and acknowledged by the DMV. We sell thousands of SR22’s and FR44’s every year, which makes us experts in this market. Improperly submitted paperwork is often an issue with lesser experienced agencies. This can cause you to owe additional fees, incur a longer suspension duration, and/or other unwanted repercussions. Experience is critical!

The Florida Uniform Financial Responsibility Certificate FR44 is required for three years unless a judge determines differently. There are no driving restrictions associated with the Florida FR44 form, but the court may limit your driving based on the offense. The addition of the Florida FR44 is only $15 but the increase in your auto insurance will be due to the DUI you received.